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Super clean, high quality profile roasting Smaller batch sizes and distinct profiling allow for precision roasting. Unlike larger commercial drum roasters that simply churn out the same light, medium and dark roasts every single time.

I am proud to share these prized flavor profiles and be invited into your home. Llamativo is newly launched and I cannot wait to deliver you the freshest and most delicious flavor experience!

Everything you will find on this site is well thought out to keep everything VERY simple. So for instance, when ordering, the only option will be for 2 pounds. That is what I have found to be the most effective and keep everything utlra fresh for you, as I only roast that weight. How long will 2 pounds of coffee last you? That depends on you and your average usage. For instance, 1 pound of coffee is generally good for about 12 pots of coffee, if you drink drip coffee. Or 1 pound of coffee could yield approximately 30 pulls on the average home espresso machine. So if you drink a pot of coffee per day, then you’ll likely go through 1 pound in about 2 weeks. And if you drink approximately 2 espresso drinks at home per day, then 1 pound of coffee would last you roughly 2 weeks as well. It really all depends on how you consume your coffee.

Regarding the level of roasting: This is really all about your preference as well. A lot of us seem to think that we like dark roasts and have something bold, or something with some sort of kick. But the reality is that the darker the roast, usually the lower the caffeine level. Or maybe you just prefer the strong taste on your palette – understood. But by chance if you happen to be one that understands and prefers to pull out the unique flavor profiles of certain beans, then I can help you there too. Maybe you’re just like a lot of people and want your coffee to be the vehicle that helps you in your “morning routines”. I get it. Just reach out to me to discuss your wants and needs. I only use beans that I am familiar with, and have tested at many different roasting levels.

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